Rain rain go away


When I first moved to New York about a year and a half ago it was September, a month that universally blesses both the east and west coasts with beautiful weather. Despite the abundant sunshine and temperatures well into the 70s, I was already concerned about surviving my first *real* winter. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, college educated in Santa Barbara, and legally educated in New Orleans, I was a stranger to true winters. I grew up wishing for snow that never came and my worst experience with bad weather in a place that I called home was an unusually cold week in Louisiana, during which I bought my first peacoat (a great investment, by the way). I joked about starting a blog about the trials and tribulations of a California girl braving her first east coast winter, but my boyfriend assured me that no one wanted to read the same post every day telling the world “IT IS SO FUCKING COLD.”

As fate would have it, what made my first New York winter difficult wasn’t a freak blizzard. In late October 2012 Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast and flooded our apartment building’s three-story basement. About seven weeks after having moved in and without the chance to finish completely unpacking, we were forced out of our apartment for three and a half months due to extensive damage to electrical and other equipment. We temporarily relocated to another building in a “neighborhood” called Hudson Yards by the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. My work’s building hadn’t fared much better in the storm, and I went from sharing a spacious office with one other person in my class to sharing the former trading floor of a defunct investment bank. In other words, everything went to shit.

This year I have had the pleasure of living in my pretty apartment and working in my office without interruption. However, this winter has been one of the worst in recent years all across the country. Even Californians have gotten their share with the severe drought that they are experiencing. With the polar vortex making frequent and unwelcome appearances I’ve gotten used to staying indoors much more, and as a result, I’ve cultivated some indoor hobbies – cooking, learning to use my DSLR, practicing manicures, and now blogging. So while no one wants to hear/read me complain about the winter, I hope you enjoy reading about the trials, tribulations, and tips of a twentysomething California girl living and loving in Manhattan.