Brunch – the hybrid meal

Brunch is one of those things that everyone loves that, for a long time, I just could not get behind. As someone who is obsessed with food and has a special affinity for breakfast sandwiches, it SHOULD be something that I love. I think all those hungover Saturdays and Sundays spent waiting for hours to get a group together and at least an hour waiting at the restaurant itself really killed it for me, though. I’d either end up hangry by the time our food arrived or have broken down and snacked prior to bruch, making going out to an expensive meal much less appealing. Also, I wasn’t a huge fan of eggs for a long time. Trying to avoid egg-based brunch dishes is like trying to dodge a minefield.

Things have changed in the last year or so, though. I’m becoming fond of the big weekend meal that straddles breakfast and lunch and the mimosas that accompany it. There’s something nice about getting together on a Saturday or Sunday in the late morning or early afternoon with the whole day ahead of us… as long as I don’t need to be productive later. I’m also warming up to eggs. Last weekend, three of my best girlfriends in SF and I had brunch at one of the girl’s apartments. She’s a fantastic cook, so she whipped up some sourdough pancakes and a tortilla dish that were delicious. Naturally, I brought champagne from the Fancy Pants brand. After the meal, the four of us took a buzzed trip to the City Target nearby. There are few places more dangerous than Target while buzzed, because everything there is so cute but so little of it is necessary. I walked out with a comfy new sweater that makes me think of cuddling by a fire, an ugly Christmas shirt (new take on the ugly Xmas sweater), and a book. A fantastic Sunday!

In honor of the hybrid meal, some of my favorite place brunch places of all-time:

Elizabeth’s (Bywater, New Orleans) – Great all-around brunch, the praline bacon is NOT to be missed.

Camellia Grill – (Uptown, New Orleans) – I’m not sure this counts for brunch, but it’s my all-time favorite diner and it serves omelettes the size of your head, so it makes my list! The cheeseburgers here are so. amazing.

Distilled (Tribeca, New York) – Lots of unique options for food, the best of which (in my opinion) is the fried duck with waffles. Good cocktail menu, too!

ABC Kitchen (Union Square, New York) – One of my favorite NY restaurants, period. The brunch menu sports a super diverse selection of food, including eggs, pizza, sandwiches, salad, pasta, and fish or burgers. The roasted carrot and avocado salad is one of the best salads you’ll ever eat and the mushroom and farm egg pizza is also particularly bomb.

Marlowe (Soma, San Francisco) – An airy spot with great food, portions on the smaller side that leave you satisfied but not on the verge of explosion. Try the crab and shrimp crepe.





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