I scream for ice cream

Those of you who know me probably know that I am not huge on sweets. 9 times out of 10 when there is a choice between a salty or sweet treat I will pick salty. I usually gravitate towards snacks like potato chips, crackers, and the like, but that is not to say that I don’t occasionally enjoy sweets – I’m just picky about them and sweet treats are much easier for me to resist. A few of my favorite dessert items are angel food cake, thin mint girl scout cookies, chocolate items containing almonds, and… ice cream. I really love ice cream and try not to keep it around the house too much, otherwise I’ll binge on it – especially if it’s one of my favorite flavors, like chocolate fudge brownie or pistachio. An easy way to satisfy ice cream cravings without going on a bender is to go out for it. Luckily there are a few ice cream parlors in New York that I love to frequent in the oppressively hot summer months.

Oddfellows Ice Cream Company – Williamsburg

This parlor had been on my “must try” list for months, ever since I read the raving reviews about it on Yelp. I finally made it here for the first time a few weeks ago when I came to Williamsburg to see two of my friends on a random weeknight. Like most nights in July out here it was hot and humid, so it made sense to grab a scoop after we finished our dinner. The shop is located steps from the ferry and has a cute interior with seating. The sit-and-eat counter, red paint, and signs create a vintage feel and, depending on the time of day, you can observe and smell fresh waffle cones being made. There were about 15 different flavors,  most of them totally unique like ants on a log and cornbread. I went with milk chocolate toasted coconut in a cone and I was not disappointed. In fact, I was so undisappointed that I brought my fiance and his brother here less than a week later and forced them to wait in a 20 minute line just so I could share the experience with them.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – Chinatown

I discovered this gem when a friend was visiting me and we were taking a walk through Chinatown. Although the shop itself is pretty nondescript and without a lounge area, I was immediately intrigued by the unique flavor options. Amongst the offerings here are pandan, black sesame, and almond cookie. I sampled many flavors and finally chose pandan, which was amazing – fresh, sweet, and totally different. I’ve been back to try other flavors and I have always been happy with my ice cream adventure. The only downsides here are that they are cash only and there’s no cute interior to eat inside. However, this is a great adventurous, to-go option.

Haagen Daaz – South Street Seaport

So, this location may have made it onto my list mostly because of its proximity to my apartment, but it deserves to be there nevertheless. Located in the heart of South Street Seaport, an area that was devastated by Superstorm Sandy but has since been rebuilt, you can grab a cone here and walk around the quaint, brick streets of the neighborhood and maybe even enjoy a semblance of a breeze from the nearby water. My all-time favorite ice cream flavor is offered here, which really earned this chain’s spot on my list – Midnight Cookies and Cream. It’s chocolate with fudge and cookies that are allegedly wafer, but seem to have a hint of mint to me. DELICIOUS.