June (without gloom)

Back in the years that I lived in Santa Barbara, June was (surprisingly) not the most beautiful of months. Not that any months had remotely bad weather as defined by most people in America, but because of the proximity to the ocean and marine layer, as well as other scientific factors I don’t entirely understand, May and June tend to have at least cloudy mornings. Thus, “June Gloom”. Usually the clouds and fog burn off by the afternoon, but on a few bad days they will stick around all day. This phenomenon is prevalent across coastal Southern California, but my first exposure to it was when I got to college.

To the contrary, the weather in New York in June is amazing. I wore sundresses the entire month and spent many beautiful evenings watching the sun dip behind tall buildings. I listened to various bands and played lawn games at my first music festival. I ate BBQ in the suburbs of Philly with my boyfriend’s family for father’s day. I drank and danced at a pool party in Atlantic City and watched Lady Gaga put on an electric performance at a historic venue. I flew to California to watch one of my good friends marry her soulmate in a beautiful rose garden and dance the night away with my oldest friends. I sang along to Jack Johnson’s performance of “Better Together” at Prospect Park with Alex. I tried new cuisines and bars with newer friends in Manhattan.

Together, all of these activities made June a beautiful month, so far from anything gloomy, and have set the bar for an amazing summer.