Summer Free Spirit

Even though it’s technically not summer quite yet, not til June 21, it officially feels like the season is in swing. After having greeted the summer in a sleepy shore town over Memorial Day it sort of felt like it was here. But this weekend one of my best friends came and visited me from LA and even though we didn’t set foot on a beach or grill (though we did have burgers at Shake Shack), the feel of the weekend just felt like summer. Maybe it was being reunited with a close childhood friend or perhaps the free time together reminded me of summers back home when we had little care in the world – either way, summer is well underway in my book. 

Sometimes a visitor can really bring new perspective to where you live. It was my friend’s first time in New York and she liked the city. We made turtle friends in Central Park, drank cherry cosmos at my favorite Village bar, danced the night away to a 90’s cover band, toured the Statue of Liberty, listened to jazz at Brooklyn Bowl, shopped in SoHo, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, caught up over wine and cheese plates, and of course, we ate. Having company really inspires me to experience my favorite parts of the city, which makes me like it much more.  Perhaps I should live my weekends by some sort of motto like “every weekend is a best of New York weekend.”  


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