Those of you who know me may know that I tend to be a little restless. This is especially true when it comes to being in New York, and I attribute it to both a general lack of love for this city and a desire to see the world. NY also just lends itself to wanting to get away when possible – the cold and depression during the winter, the ridiculous heat and pervasive smell of garbage during the summer, and the massive crowds of people year round. Some may consider this a personal opinion, given again that I am not NY’s biggest fan, but I also know that most people can and do escape frequently, much more so than my friends on the other coast.

Most of all, I really miss the sun here. Even during the summer the sun lurks behind tall buildings and rarely shines down on the people in this neighborhood. It shines through our large living room windows for only a few hours a day, usually when we’re at work. I know that the Village and Brooklyn are a little different, and looking back I really should have tried living in one of those areas. At this point we don’t plan on staying here forever, and a new apartment means the enormous effort of moving both in time and money that I just am not interested in putting forth.

Instead I plan to spend as many weekends as possible in a brighter hood or outside the city altogether. Luckily for my restless self the summer books up quickly. I have plans for the next 6+ weekends, most of which take me somewhere sunnier – Randall’s Island, Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore, and the Bay Area. I’m also trying to plan a Vegas trip to see my college friends and maybe a trip to Montreal. Summertime brings an energy and a happiness that is not present the rest of the year and I intend to make use of it!


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