Spring cleaning

Speaking of improvements in my last post, another improvement I need to make is to do some spring cleaning and rejuvenating. I got inspired by an e-mail at work advertising a professional clothing drive for battered women and men who need clothes to wear to interviews. It’s hard to resist going through my work clothes and donating what I don’t really wear to such a good cause. This has spurred the process of going through the rest of my clothes for donation. I tend to have difficulty letting go of clothes (and other items), but this time around it’s easier. Perhaps it’s a combination of having lost weight over the last year and wanting to ditch the old clothes, or maybe my style has evolved. Or maybe I’m finally coming to terms with the realities of living in a Manhattan apartment.

As for the rejuvenating, I am trying to add some life to my spaces, both figuratively and literally. I recently bought mini succulents for my office and planted miniature sunflowers that are both happily growing on my sunny windowsill and keep my large queen palm company. It’s truly amazing to me how much plants and flowers improve a setting. A new goal of mine is to have fresh flowers in our apartment whenever possible and to get a large plant for the living room. We replaced our old Ikea coffee table, which was falling apart, with a sleeker version (not from Ikea, a sign that we are really becoming adults after all). I’ve also undertaken a 6-week clean eating and exercise challenge with the Bari studio where I work out. Clean eating is tougher than I though it would be, but I’m trying as much as I can to eat foods closest to their natural state. Embarking on the challenge has made me think about what I normally eat, realize how much of it is processed, and inspired me to seek out new, clean(er) recipes. Last night I made cod tacos with guacamole and homemade pico – easy, healthy, and delicious. A few days in I feel pretty good, and have been able to avoid “dirty” foods aside from a little salad dressing and a Splenda in my coffee. I hope that in 5.5 more weeks I’ll have formed habits that last much longer… and be ready for bikini season.


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