Easy beginnings, harder endings

I don’t know what it is about me, but I have a hard time seeing things through to the end. Perhaps it’s that I want to tackle too much – Alex makes fun of me for having so many unfinished hobbies, like learning guitar or Spanish (hello Duolingo) – or maybe I have some sort of life ADD. But this problem haunts me in everything I do, whether it’s having trouble finishing a book or writing a post here. I have no trouble starting, but somewhere in the middle of the road I tend to lose interest and want to start something else. Even in college (and later in law school, but in an obviously more limited scope) I tended to take classes in a wide variety of subjects – statistics, Italian, biology, psychology, political science – you name it, I probably took at least one class in it. I want to know about and how to do everything, but eventually a lack of time or interest stops me from pursuing most paths.

So this spring I am going to do a better job of holding myself accountable to seeing things through, at least to some sort of logical endpoint. One way to practice is to post regularly and finish my thoughts. Another will be prioritize and evaluate some of my hobbies, like cooking and learning photography, and find a way to organize and practice them. I committed to a 4 class/week package at the hybrid/barre studio I’ve been working out at. And perhaps, if I’m really good, I’ll even pick Spanish back up.


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