Veronica Mars

After much waiting for the movie to come out, I got to see Veronica Mars last weekend! I can’t believe how quickly they made the film – it was released on the one year and one day anniversary of their Kickstarter campaign and I think the filmed/produced it in about 8 months. It’s been years since I’ve watched the three seasons of the TV show so it took me a moment to remember some plots from the past, but they quickly came back to me. Seeing all the characters made me feel as if I were attending my own high school reunion! The funny thing is, when I told Alex I wanted to see it he didn’t believe that I’d watched the show. I guess in the 4 years that we’ve been together it’s never come up that I marathon watched the first two seasons with my college roommates one summer and that  we all watched the third season live together. Or how we loved the song “I Touch Myself” because of its appearance in the series during the party scenes in which Veronica was raped and would often drunkenly belt it out. It makes me happy though, to know that even after dating for such a long time there’s still more to learn about each other.

Veronica is definitely an example of a badass female heroine and good role model for teens/young adults who watched the show. A lot of time is spent discussing differences in the treatment of women without much change, whereas I think powerful female role models have a greater influence. Not that I am trying to discredit the movements of the last few decades – women have many people to thank for the equality that we experience today. I am referring to the fluffier campaigns that circulate society today. Take, for example, Ban Bossy. What is this really about? Sheryl Sandberg wants to “ban” a word that is used to describe women more than men. I’m all for encouraging girl leadership, but banning one negative word isn’t going to change anything in my opinion. A boy can just as easily be called bossy as a girl. Further, there’s other words that can and are used to describe predominantly unliked women that are synonyms of bossy – pushy, overbearing, strict, and later in life, bitchy. Should we ban all those as well? Also, to be fair, there are words that are usually used to describe unliked overly assertive men, like egotistic, arrogant, or simply an asshole. Perhaps we should refocus our efforts on other reasons girls lose interest in leadership that don’t relate to one of many hurtful words she may be called in her lifetime and teach both men and women to disregard the negativity in their life. Haters gonna hate.

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