Four leaf clovers

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope everyone got a chance to celebrate at some point this weekend or will be able to tonight. I got together with some friends on Saturday and dressed in ridiculous green outfits, drank Guinness, and ended the night with a drunken game of Monopoly. I don’t think I had played the game since I’d first visited Atlantic City two summers ago, so it was fun to revisit all the property names after having seen the streets in person. Also, I miss playing drinking games/games while drinking. Although I have friends who enjoy them, especially Cards Against Humanity (LOVE that game), the social scene here is much more about going out than it was in New Orleans or Santa Barbara.

A good law school friend of mine sent me a Ted Talk on happiness today, found here. Shawn makes some really good points in the video, especially about the link of happiness and success, and the habits correlated with happiness at the end reminded me of why I started this blog. Although I think I’m great at encouraging my friends to look at the bright side, sometimes I get so caught up in the things in my life that don’t go my way that I don’t take my own advice. I really should make more of a point to be happy about what I do have, which is a lot, and stop focusing on things that I would like to change but can’t right now. In addition to being a creative outlet in my life of routine, I created this blog because I want to focus on the little things that make life good. Whether it’s a day of sunshine in the middle of winter, an inspiring quote, or a weekend getaway, these are the things that deserve my attention.


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