Jack Johnson

A few weeks ago I bought tickets to see Jack Johnson when he comes to Brooklyn in early June. I’m so excited about his show! My taste in music tends to change a little bit every few years, but I have loved Jack’s music (yes, we’re now on a first name basis) since my first year at UCSB. It reminds me of the beach, biking to and from campus, adventures in the dorms, and sitting inside the Sueño house with the door open with a nice ocean breeze coming through. These memories are still evoked when I’m sitting on a packed subway car or in my office working, a stark constrast in ambiance from college, so clearly the music is powerful to me. It probably has something to do with the fact that Jack Johnson attended UCSB himself. Fun fact: in Bubble Toes, when he’s singing about eating lunch at the DLG, that’s a UCSB dining commons! I used to love sharing this with prospective students when I was a tour guide for the campus.

It’s not a completely gloomy out today – I see some blue skies trying to peek out of the clouds when I turn around to look out my window – but this Thursday at work could use more cheer. So I leave you with my all-time favorite Jack Johnson song, Better Together. It’s the version with Paula Fuga so it may not be the one you’re accustomed to hearing, but it’s beautiful.


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