Fleur de lis

I recently stumbled upon these tumblers on Anthropologie’s website and instantly knew I had to have them. The brightly colored glass gives these glasses a beachy vibe and the fleur de lis decor reminds me of New Orleans. Although living in Nola sometimes resembled life in a third world country, such as when I got flat tires due to my car falling victim to the massive potholes on our streets or when the city issued warnings about the water being unsafe for consumption due to a compromise in the filtration system, the city will always hold a special place in my heart. For starters, it’s where I met Alex. : ) Also where I met the other love of my life, my cat Benji (who is sitting on my lap as I type this post). Our first kiss, becoming “official,” and saying I love you for the first time all happened in different spots around New Orleans, as well as countless other memories spent getting to know each other. New Orleans is also home to many fun times had with my law school friends – late nights at Goldmine, Mardi Gras parades, Tuesday nights at Bruno’s, wine and cheese nights, Felipe’s margs, celebrating the Saints’ superbowl victory, beer pong, dances. The last time I went back to visit I got so nostalgic as we drove down the familiar streets remembering all of these moments. Law school was a nice and necessary transition period between the shitshow that was college and becoming a professional. Luckily I have plenty of excuses to travel back to Nola and act like a student for a weekend. Several of my good friends still live there and since I adopted the Saints as my football team while at Tulane anytime they play at home is a good excuse to visit. Nothing beats a game at the Superdome!


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