Visiting the Sunshine State

Last weekend my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of ditching the snowy northeast for a trip to south Florida.  It felt so amazing to sink my feet into the sand, swim in the salty ocean, and feel the sun on my face. Best of all I was able able to wear sundresses and shorts for three whole days!! For the last 7 years before I had moved to New York I was able to wear dresses almost year round, so as you can imagine they still constitute a large part of my wardrobe. It was nice to be able to dig them out for a short rendezvous.

IMG_3253 - Version 2


We stayed right across the street from the beach with his family in their winter condo. They have the most beautiful view of the ocean.


Also of the full moon at night. I didn’t have my tripod so taking night shots was really hard!


And we were spoiled by great food, both homemade and eaten out. Food not pictured, but here we are in Palm Beach.

photo (1)

After spending the weekend alternating between shell hunting at the beach and reading by the pool I’m convinced I could retire right now. Aside from the whole money issue, of course. I doubt I’d ever grow tired of frolicking in the clear blue waters, but even if I did there are other things to do when you grow older… volunteer work, taking classes, and of course travel. I guess all these aspirations can serve as motivation to contribute more to my 401k.

IMG_3262And I leave you with some beautiful orchids on Worth Street in Palm Beach.


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