Fast organic food

The title of the post may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s not. Today I am sharing my love for foods by Amy’s Kitchen. Ever since I moved out on my own completely, i.e. also out of the dorms my first year at UCSB, because that lifestyle came with a meal plan, I’ve had an unfortunate penchant for frozen food. During my college years I sustained myself on a diet of hot pockets, dino buddy chicken nuggets, and beer purchased in bulk from Costco. So gross looking back at it. It wasn’t until maybe my last year in Santa Barbara that I started to utilize the kitchen, mostly still making frozen meals, except that I upgraded to items from Trader Joe’s and using a pan or oven to heat them up instead of the microwave.

In law school I finally learned some fundamentals. I was partly inspired by one of my roommates from 1L year (law school’s first year) who was from Alabama and an amazing cook – she was always whipping up one casserole or another for dinner and the kitchen smelled fantastic. Sometimes she cooked for the house and sometimes for her and her boyfriend at the time. I had just started seeing Alex and I thought it would be nice to be able to occasionally make dinner for the two of us without having to worry about ruining something basic like pasta. Yes, I once managed to boil a bunch of spaghetti into one giant tube. Another infamous incident at the Sueno house in SB was when I burned an omelette and ate it anyway, pretending it tasted fine, after being made fun of by my roommates. So I slowly began to learn to make the basics, and today I make most of the meals in our household. Even more surprising, now that I know more of what I’m doing I really enjoy cooking!

Of course cooking takes time and sometimes I don’t have much of that to spare or I’m just too tired. Incidentally, my other 1L roommate introduced me to Amy’s pizza pockets. I love anything and everything pizza-inspired, so when I smelled these as her dinner one night I was intrigued. I tried one and I was hooked! Organic, pizza-flavored, and in a smaller portion? Perfect. In New Orleans the easiest place to find Amy’s dishes was Whole Foods, but here in New York several of the grocery stores around me have a wide variety. I regularly have their pizza pockets and burritos, and more recently I’ve tried some of their other offerings like tamales, pad thai, chili, and mac and cheese. All have been delicious and satisfying. I’m not the type of girl who can eat a salad and be fine for another 6 hours, so I especially love these as a lunch option. The portions are a little heartier than some other “healthy” meals like Lean Cuisine, but still small enough that they fit well into my diet even when I’m really watching what I eat. Also, the ingredients are organic and the meals are made without preservatives. The one downside is that they can be a little pricey but hey, you are what you eat.


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